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Congrats to everyone who got into the musical!!! I'm so excited!! After a tough stressfull week came a nice relaxing weekend. This is the most I've updated in a while. I really don't feel like writing an essay about my weekend so I'll try and keep it short.

Friday-found out I got into the musical, went to beverly drive, saw Mia, she screamed in the street, ate, went to Yasi's and looked @ myspace.

Saturday-ballet, bought a shirt literally an hour before the party I wore it to, went to Tiff's , danced, saw lots of people, and yeahh....

Sunday- did h/w , did nothing, then shopped, picked up Rosie from Doggie Day Care, blasted "drop it like its hott" in my moms convertible.

Thats it:-)
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