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Stolen From city_love_83  's LJ AKA Lital.


1) First Name Spelled Backwards: Nire
2) Middle Name Spelled Backwards: Yelhsa
3) Last Name Spelled Backwards: Namdlog
4) Your Half-Birthday: may 30th
5) What type of milk do you drink?: 2%
6) What is the most sentimental thing you own?: My grandmothers beaded necklace
7) Have any imaginary friends?: no
8 ) When was the last time you brushed your teeth?:  this morning
9) Do you listen to Christmas music in July?: Oh my goodness YES!!!
10) What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say January?: Lital's Birthday
11) May?: Molly's birthday
12) November?: my birthday
13) July?: fireworks
14) April?: showers
15) February?: valentines day , my mom's bday and my aunts bday
16) October?: halloween
17) August?: hot
18) March?: St.Patty's Day
19) December?: winter, holidays
20) June?: summer
21) September?: september 11
21) What color is your blanket?: green
22) What was the last movie you bought?: the incredibles
23) Last CD you bought?: Breakway-Kelly Clarkson, it's amazing:-)
24) What radio station do you listen to?: K-Earth 101, 102.7, 98.7
25) Are you the only child, oldest child, middle child, or youngest child?: only child
26) If you do have brother(s) or sister(s) put them in alphabetical order: n/a
27) Do you have anything on your bedroom walls? If so, what?: ok here we go, my beautiful painting by Nick, Pirates of the Caribbean poster, an E, a picture of Alyssa Milano, a bulletin board, a most dedicated gymnast award(hahah), a venetian mask, a fake sword, and pictures of me and my friends from my bat mitzvah.
28 ) How many windows in your home?: I don't know and I'm not going to go count them
29) How many pairs of shoes do you own?: A LOT, I'm addicted to shoes.
30) What's the weirdest song title you've ever heard of?: I don't know
31) Whats the worst movie you've ever seen?: josie and the pussycats, get over it
32) Whats the worst CD you've ever listened to?: Probably like Skye Sweetnam or something
33) What US State would you NEVER want to visit?: I don't know theres a  lot but Wisconsin I guess, sorry to offend anyone who likes Wisconsin.
34) What country would you NEVER want to visit?: I don't know
35) What is your least favorite color?: yellow
36) What is your favorite flavor Fanta (the soda)?: the red one I don't remember if its Strawberry or cherry.
37) Do you have any scars?: yes
38 ) Do you know anybody in the Army, Navy, Marines, or any other group?: yes, my mom's coworkers son.
39) What color goes good with Blue?: green
40) Green?: blue
41) Grey?: blue
42) Orange?: yellow
43) Red?: black
44) Yellow?: green
45) Purple?: black
46) What is your favorite character in 'Harry Potter'?: Oh thats a tough one but Harry for sure!
47) 'Lord Of The Rings'?: never saw it.
48 ) 'Grease'?: Sandra Dee
49) Have you ever seen 'Life Is Beautiful'?: no
50) What about 'Monsters Inc.'?: Only one of my favorites
51) Do you like Scooby Doo?: yes, I used to watch the cartoon series all the time.
52) Describe your perfect place to live (imaginary or not): Sometimes I wish life was like how it is in the movies.
53) Does your back hurt?: yes
54) Do you collect anything?: I guess you can say I collect earrings becuase I'm obsessed with buying them.
55) Have you ever been to camp?: Hah, almost every camp there is in LA.
56) Do you have a car?: no
57) If you don't have a car, would you name it? If so, what?: No I wouldn't name it
58 ) What is your perfect car?: I love Lexus's.
59) What family member are you closest to?: Mostly everyone.
60) What family member do you wish you were closer to?: Probably Andy.
61) Do you consider pets as family?: of course
62) Do you look at a calander daily?: no.
63) What is your least favorite holiday?: not sure I love Holidays. But probably Passover becuase I love my bread and carbs.
64) Do you like getting air-mail?: yeah
65) Would you ever go on a cruise?: NO NEVER AGAIN NOT EVEN IF SOMEONE PAID ME TO!
66) How many phones do you have in your home?: hmmm I don't know.
67) Do you own or wear a watch?: I own one, but I don't wear it.
68 ) Do you wear any jewelry? If so what do you wear?: Yeah, it's different everyday. I love encklaces but they make me neck break out in rash's. I really love my horn earrings right now.
69) Where do you wish you were right now?: At a concert
70) With whom?: with all my friends
71) Doing what?: having the fun
72) Have you ever had a sepia photo taken of you?: yes
73) What is your least favorite WB movie?: I honestly have no idea.
74) Do you own any hats?: yes
75) Do you own anything that is older then you?: yeah, my vintage clothing.
76) How many hours of sleep did you get last night?: 10.
78 ) Have you ever won a ribbon?: yeah,probably for gymnastics
79) Do you save old birthday/christmas/whatever cards given to you?: no, but I really should
80) How many clocks are in your home?: i dont know.
81) Ever been to Disneyland?: yeah I was there 2 days ago.
82) Ever been to Universal Studios?: yeah I love that place
83) Ever seen the cockpit of an airplane?: um I think so
84) Ever made a movie?: It's only my dream in life...
85) Geometry or Algebra?: Geometry
86) Poems or Short Stories?: short stories
87) AIM or MSN?: aim
88 ) MSN or Yahoo?: yahoo
89) AIM or Yahoo?: aim
90) Windows or MAC?: windows
91) What is your least favorite number?: I mean I don't really like numbers at all because they remind me of math.
92) What was the last thing you said?: goodnight
93) What are you sitting on?: a swivel chair
94) Have you been outside today?: no
95) What have you done today?: absolutely nothing
96) Do you like apple or orange juice?: orange
97) Do you like cats or dogs more?: dogs
98 ) What is your most favorite reptile?: I don't really like reptiles
99) Would you rather fish or hunt?: neither that's so not me.
100) Are you sleepy?: not at all

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