cowboy_cliche (cowboy_cliche) wrote,

ahhh and it's finally October. My favorite month. Aside from Eden Espinosa leaving wicked on the 8th and my uncles unveiling, I love October. I love fall. My favorite holiday in the world is halloween. Theres nothing like watching Halloweentown , and Hocus Pocus. My mom says we can get out our decorations and decorate the house with Halloween decorations. Halloween is SO important to me. And it's really important that I have a spectacular halloween this year. I don't want to go to the gay parade again but I want someone to have a HUGE costume party. Where everyone dresses up. I HATE when people think they are too cool to dress up for halloween. I wish I could go to disneyland on halloween but my mom won't be here to take me as she will be in the Bay of Dreams(aka the bay of the dead) on Halloween.  I'm going to go all out this year. Theres already something different in the air that makes me so happy. I hope I will be satisfied this halloween if not I will cry for hours. It just means so much. Anyway, happy october.
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