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Drink Up Me Hearties, YO HO!

30 November
acting, adobe photoshop, aim, alice in wonderland, aol, ballet, balthazar getty, bill cosby, bloomingdales, boys, british accents, britney spears, broadway, candy, cartoons, cell phones, century city, charmed, chicago the movie, chocolate, christina aguilera, coffee bean, concerts, dancing, dangly earrings, diesel jeans, dirty dancing, disney, disney channel, disney movies, disneyland, dogs, dresses, eating, elle, elvis, fashion, finding nemo, finding neverland, flea markets, flowers, food, frank sinatra, friends, geoffrey rush, hanging out with friends, happiness, having fun, hayden christensen, holly marie combs, hotels, icons, indiana jones, ipods, jack sparrow, jasc paintshop pro, jeremy sumpter, john mayer, johnny depp, juicy couture, justin timberlake, kate bosworth, keira knightley, kelly clarkson, kishoan, krispy kreme, lake arrowhead, las vegas, laughing, lindsay lohan, longshowers, lord of the flies, love actually, magazines, marc jacobs, marilyn monroe, mary-kate and ashley, melrose, miss sixty, movies, mtv, music, n.e.r.d., neverland, new york, new york city, newlyweds, nick lachey, nickelodeon, nicole richie, nordstroms, nyc, olsen twins, orlando bloom, panda express, pasta, peach snapple, pepsi, performing on stage, perfume, peter pan, photography, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, presents, puppies, rain, real world, red, rent, riley smith, rinestones, romeo and juliet, rose mcgowan, roses, salad, santa monica dance studio, saturday's, scarves, scrubs, sevens, shopping, singing, sleeping, smiles, snow, stars, stephanie j. block, stilettos, sunset strip, talking, teen girl squad, teen vogue, the andrews sisters, the apprentice, the cosby show, the grove, the holidays, the incredibles, the notebook, theatre, tv, urban outfitters, us weekly, vanilla, vespas, vintage clothing, wicked, wicked tour, will and grace