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OMG this truly had been the WORST week of my life. SO much went wrong. I have been so angry today. IM SO FUCKING MAD!!! REALLY!

Guess who was the FIRST PERSON TO BUY V.I.P Jesse McCartney tickets?
Guess who paid 25 dollars?
Guess who was extremely excited for weeks?
Guess who thought it was guerenteed that she would meet Jesee?
Guess who didn't get to meet Jessee because NO ONE TOLD ME WE HAD TO COME AT 5:30? I THOUGHT IT WAS AFTER the show that we got to meet him.
Guess who is dissapointed and ANGRY beyond belief that I was promised that I got to meet him and promised to sit in the V.I.P area and then DIDNT GET TO?

It's not so much the fact that it was Jesse McCartney becuase I'm not the #1 OMG fan, but I was told that I would meet him and I paid extra for it. I WAS TOLD! BUT SOMEONE FORGOT TO MENTION THAT I HAD TO COME AT 5:30.

I'm so upset. I'm so angry. Someone make me feel better quick.
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